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About the Principal

Stephanie Palmer established S3Partnerships, LLC in 2013, but has been working and volunteering in public safety since 1990. Her original vision was to provide emergency planning and training solutions to public safety agencies and their associates. She quickly branched out into healthcare and hospitality, since they have common issues and partners. In the last three years she has gained many prestigious clients such as The Steadman Clinic, the Town of Vail, and Sonnenalp Resorts.

Looking back, Stephanie started down her path as a teenager when she volunteered with the Oakland Police Department fishing park. She volunteered for the American Red Cross in the aftermath of the 1990 earthquake in California and again a year later with Oakland Emergency Services helping residents evacuate their homes during the 1991 Oakland Hills wildfires.

Stephanie left the continent in 1997 to pursue a dream of traveling the world. She spent the next five years living primarily in Thailand (working as a SCUBA Divemaster), Nepal (marketing and sales for a rafting expedition company) and New Zealand (farming and learning the art of Aromatherapy).

Stephanie started her professional career at the Vail Valley Medical Center in April of 2002 as a temporary employee. Over the years, she furthered her education and moved up the ranks, culminating her eleven year journey as the Director of Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness.

She decided to break out on her own to pursue her desire to help a greater number of organizations manage the variety of risks they face. Her ability to develop numerous partnerships throughout the region has been crucial to her continued success.

Stephanie lives in Red Cliff, Colorado with her husband Scott and doghter Schatzie. Stephanie, Scott and Schatzie (aka S3) enjoy skiing, traveling, back-country adventures, camping, cooking, Scuba diving in their free time.


Expertise is essential in ensuring that your planning and training needs are met. The qualifications below represent the basics of what the S3 Partnerships team brings to the table and serve as the foundation for assisting you with your emergency planning and training efforts. Here is a list of the various certifications that Stephanie has earned:

US Department of Homeland Security
WMD Response Training

Healthcare Leadership Emergency Preparedness and Response Training

Joint Commission
Life Safety Code Training for Healthcare Occupancies

International Association of Healthcare Safety and Security
Basic Security Officer Certification

General Industry and Occupational Health and Safety Standards Compliance Course

IS-001, IS-100, IS-120, IS-130, IS-195, IS-200, IS-230c, IS-235b, IS-300, IS-400, IS-402, IS-700, IS-775, IS-800, IS-808, IS-906, IS-907, MGT-419, L-947

Hospital Emergency Response Training for Mass Casualty Incidents, USDHS

Registered Healthcare Safety Officer (RHSO)
International Board of Environmental Health and Safety

Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHSP)
Board of Certified Healthcare Management

Master Exercies Practitioner

Liason Officer
NW Colorado Type III Incident Management Team

Our Clients Include: