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Case Studies

  • Metcalf Mayhem Full-scale Exercise
  • Metcalf Mayhem Full-scale Exercise
  • Metcalf Mayhem Full-scale Exercise

OHSA requires that all hospitals provide Hazardous Materials Operations Level training for all personnel who are likely to come into contact with a person exposed to a hazardous substance, before they are decontaminated. One such was slated to participate in an county-wide hazardous materials full scale exercise that was certain to result in contaminated victims of the incident.


In preparation for the county wide full-scale exercise S3 Partnerships took a three pronged approach. First we developed a full day “First Receivers” course for hospital staff who had never had training and a half day course for staff who just needed a refresher. Next we created and facilitated a table-top exercise for participants to work through the actual scenario, discuss response actions, and review relevant plans, policies and procedures already in place for emergency response. Lastly, we facilitated the hospital full scale exercise and coordinated actions and activities with all other community partners.


Hospital participants during the full scale exercise felt better prepared than ever before to respond to these types of incidents. Participants were fully engaged, had a lot of fun and all learned a lot. Executive leadership was well impressed with overall performance of all participating hospital personnel. This exercise also helps them to meet compliance with their hospital accreditation requirements.