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Risk managers in healthcare typically wear multiple hats and rarely have enough time for their real job. That’s when regulatory necessities often fall behind. S3 Partnerships has the hands-on technical expertise to keep you up to date on statutory obligations so you can focus on what is really important: your patients.
  • CMS Compliance and Joint Commission
    We will review your current compliance, and if needed, help you become compliant. And when TJC walks in the door, we can guide you through the audit process.
  • HPP Grant Management
    We will help you remain eligible for the grants, assist you in obtaining them, and then manage how the money is spent.
  • Decontamination Training
    We offer full-day classes and half-day refresher courses that keep you compliant with OSHA and your staff prepared for the unthinkable.
  • Policy Development
    Using research and consultation methods, we will develop policies that align with your day-to-day practices.
  • Emergency Management
    Beginning with a hazard vulnerability assessment, we develop practical emergency operations plans, train staff, and drill protocol through exercise facilitation and improvement planning.
The two key functions of governments, Emergency Response and Public Health, are critical to the well being of the citizenry and this takes a lot of careful preparation and readiness. S3 Partnerships are experts at coaxing multiple agencies into creating collaborative solutions to keep everyone safer.
  • Coalition Building
    We bring together partners to collaborate in a no-fault low-stress environment to achieve a common goal.
  • All Hazards Planning
    Starting with a risk assessment, we insure that emergency operations plans are simple to follow and flexible enough to meet the needs of any incident.
  • Exercises
    Using the principals of HSEEP, we design and facilitate tabletop, functional, full-scale exercises, and after-action improvement plans.
  • HR Policies
    We can develop policies that align with best practices that will provide a work place structure that is equitable and safe for all.
Businesses may not even be aware of the risks they face on a daily basis. Are you prepared for an IT system crash? What if an employee mixes the wrong cleaners and poisons an entire hotel floor? S3 Partnerships can help you identify unforeseen risks and create solutions to keep your business running when all has gone wrong.
  • Business Continuity
    If your operations are disrupted, what will you do? Does your staff know what to do? We develop plans that keep your business running, your staff safe, and your customers happy.
  • Risk Assessments
    The first step to reducing risks is to identify what they are. We can help you do that.
  • Mitigation and Response
    Based on your risk assessment, we can evaluate, prioritize and develop mitigation measures and response plans.
  • Training and Exercises
    With plans in place, we can train your staff to follow those plans with practical and engaging experiences.
  • HR Policies
    We can develop policies that align with best practices that will provide a work place structure that is equitable and safe for all.
  • OSHA Compliance
    We know the rules and stay abreast of new developments so we can keep your organization compliant with OSHA regulations.

Working together, S3 Partnerships can help you identify and manage your risks. We will expertly evaluate your vulnerabilities, which will dictate what needs our attention. Once we develop a plan for mitigating the risk, we can assist you in creating training methods so you are prepared for when it happens. We can design and facilitate your exercises, then produce after action reports to evaluate your performance and readiness. These results are crucial as they highlight your organizations’ strengths and weaknesses, providing us with a road map for your improvement opportunities.

Our Clients Include: