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Christopher Dick
Deputy Operations Manager, Eagle County Paramedic Services

Over the years (25 in EMS) I have participated in many large scale EMS and Public Safety disaster exercises. I have left everyone feeling a little better prepared for the inevitable, but I also left all those drills feeling like they were too simulated and didn’t have enough real world components. Recently, I had the… Read full >>

Cacky Ryan, MBA BSN RN
Occupational Health Director, Vail Valley Medical Center

Participating in an exercise with Stephanie / S3 Partnerships (S3P) helped me be better prepared to assist in a potential emergency. Emergency management planning is a crucial part in responding to different emergencies that may take place in the business organization. Preparing for a potential emergency through proper training can certainly make a difference between… Read full >>

Karen Shanley
Safety Coordinator, Eagle River Water & Sanitation District

Stephanie is a DY-NA-MO! Stephanie is truly an expert in emergency preparedness and response, security, and all things safety. She’s super plugged into the local community and has always played a vital role in the Local Emergency Planning Group's exercises (planning, facilitation, lessons learned, etc.) I’ve learned so much from you, Stephanie. Read full >>

Barry Smith
Management Director, Eagle County Emergency

Eagle County Government contracted with S3Partnerships and Stephanie Palmer to assist in designing a two day Full Scale Emergency exercise in 2014 and to serve as the Senior Exercise Controller. We were extremely impressed with the results. "Great event", "Best exercise ever", these were quotes typical of our participant feedback. Real time application of scenarios… Read full >>

Emily Tamberino
Communications Manager, Vail Valley Medical Center

Stephanie Palmer possesses the skills, experience and insight to not only manage emergencies, but to empower and guide others in the execution of emergency operations. She is an excellent planner, helping her teams feel prepared and equipping them for success. Whether in a drill or actual emergency, Stephanie is focused, poised and precise while remaining… Read full >>

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